London Majesty: St. Paul’s Cathedral Across the River


2007, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (39″ x 39″)


Step into the awe-inspiring beauty of “London Majesty,” a captivating 100 x 100 cm oil painting on canvas. This contemporary impressionist masterpiece presents the iconic view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from the opposite bank of the majestic River Thames.

Immersed in a contemporary impressionist style, the artist’s brushstrokes bring the scene to life with captivating textures. St. Paul’s Cathedral commands attention at the center, while the river flows gracefully in the foreground, reflecting the energy of the bustling urban surroundings.

“London Majesty” serves as an exquisite centerpiece, infusing any space with sophistication and artistic allure, be it your home, office, or gallery.

Experience the enduring allure of London’s skyline with “London Majesty: St. Paul’s Cathedral Across the River,” a captivating artwork that transports you to the heart of this historic city, seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary charm.

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